The Story of Our Name

The Story of Our Name
A new week and a new Tillie newsletter. Before we dive into this week's note on the story of our name, I want to pause and say thank you so so very much for sharing in our joy of last week's announcement. I am so very grateful. Each text, DM, comment, and kind word means the world! THANK YOU!
We are just getting started, and I cannot wait for all that is to come.
Now, onto the story of our name! 
My love for fashion did not start with me, but it actually began with my Grandmother Quintilla many, many years ago.
A young girl who left home upon high school graduation to study fashion in college (sound familiar? 🙈) and found herself immersed in a world of dresses and beauty. The year was 1955.
Years later, she would have a granddaughter to share the stories of studying fashion, sewing dresses, traveling to the New York garment district, visiting designer ateliers, and most exciting of all, attending a Dior fashion show.
My Grandmother has been my style inspiration for years. She is always the one in photos with the perfect hair, poised smile, and polished outfit.
As a child, she would drive to see us on the weekends with a car full of too many bags to count (#outfits) and a ginormous tray of sweet rolls. We would wake up early on Saturday mornings, get all dolled up, and venture over to our local coffee shop to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and a stack of magazines. While she was simply “babysitting," I was soaking up every minute admiring her outfits, perfectly stacked jewelry and constant giving nature.
When dreaming up this brand, there was no question I wanted it to tie back to and honor my Grandmother. When I shared this news with her, she was over the moon and the name was set.
To me, my Grandmother is an icon of 1950s style and grace. I can only hope Tillie, named after Quintilla, is a line that lives up to the beautiful life she has led.
At 89 years old, I am still learning from her style and wisdom. I cannot express how special it is to enter into this chapter sharing every bit of it with her and having her cheer me on always!
With Love,
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