With a dream of designing clothing, Caroline entered college in 2014 majoring in fashion design. Upon launching her blog LCB STYLE during her freshman year, Caroline garnered an engaged following and put her design dreams on hold to pursue the digital marketing & visual side of fashion. Caroline has spent 10 years growing her digital brand and partnering with others to share their products and stories.

In 2019, Caroline moved to Palm Beach, Florida to immerse herself in fashion photography opportunities, finding her true style and unique point of view. Sketching, sewing, and designing clothes has always been a passion of Caroline's. Her design dreams have now become reality with the launch of Tillie.


My love for fashion did not start with me, but it actually began with my Grandmother many, many years ago.

the NAME

My Grandmother has been my style inspiration for years. She is always the one in photos with the perfect hair, poised smile, and polished outfit.

A young girl who left home upon high school graduation to study fashion in college and found herself immersed in a world of dresses and beauty. The year was 1955. Years later, she would have a granddaughter to share the stories of studying fashion, sewing dresses, traveling to the New York garment district, visiting designer ateliers, and attending a Dior fashion show.

My grandmother is an icon of 1950s style and grace. I can only hope Tillie, named after Quintilla, is a line that lives up to the beautiful life she has led.


Palm Beach is a sunny destination filled with endless history, style, and charm. My desire is for Tillie to embody the nostalgia, warm feel, and timeless elegance of Palm Beach.


I have always viewed and admired fashion as art— each piece unique and made with love. In creating Tillie, one thing I felt passionate about from day one was finding a production partner in the USA. By having a hands on approach to production, I can confidently say all Tillie styles are beautifully tailored, high quality, carefully crafted, and original pieces.


Creating fashion designs that are “FULL OF LIGHT”is my dream for this brand- that anyone who sees, touches, or comes in contact with our brand feels that warm, sunny, breath of fresh air feeling. The feeling I have come to know as God's light.

During the process of designing and creating Tillie, God pointed me to Psalm 36:9 which says, “For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light.”