Designed in the Heart of Palm Beach

Designed in the Heart of Palm Beach
Happy Thursday! I cannot believe it has been 2 weeks since first announcing Tillie! Time is flying and that means we are getting even closer to our launch!
Today I want to talk all about the place that inspired Tillie, a place near and dear to my heart- Palm Beach, Florida.
Palm Beach is the place that has shaped me over the last five years into who I am today. I could write a book, and I would still not have enough pages to share all that I have loved and learned from this special place. 
People often ask what led me to Palm Beach and the short(ish) answer is that I grew up visiting the area (Palm Beach and Wellington) with my family for polo, a sport my Dad and brothers have been playing all my life.
Even at a young age, I was totally enthralled by the natural beauty, effortless elegance, and timeless allure of Palm Beach. Little did I know then that I would one day call Palm Beach home! 
In 2019, I took a leap of faith and moved to Palm Beach. 
About a year after moving to Palm Beach, I met my husband - and Palm Beach only grew a million times more special to me. My husband is the one that not only encourages me to dream but helps me bring those dreams to life day by day!
When in Palm Beach, my favorite way to start the day is with a walk around the island. It is on these early morning strolls that I can take in the beauty of God's creation - the flowers, the ocean, the palm trees, the breezes… it all sings to my heart and creativity!
With this dream of creating a fashion brand in the back of my head for the last 10+ years, I have spent many of these morning walks daydreaming and brainstorming what my fashion designs would one day look like. And even capturing some of my favorite views on film- some of which are included above & below.
After each morning walk, I love heading back to my apartment to pour out my ideas on paper. I sketch, take notes, and record all my thoughts/ visions.
My morning walks around the island have provided the time and beauty to let my dreams grow. Over the years, this brand and what exactly I wanted to design became clear and concrete to me.
Tillie was dreamed up and designed right in the heart of Palm Beach.
Palm Beach is a sunny destination filled with endless history, style, and charm. My desire is for Tillie to embody the nostalgia, warm feel, and timeless elegance of Palm Beach, with an emphasis on the classic style of the 1950s- the decade when Palm Beach really came to life.
The 1950s were also the years that my Grandmother (who Tillie is named after) was in college studying fashion.
There is something so special about that time in fashion history as well as Palm Beach history that I hope to capture and carry on through Tillie.
With Love,
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