A Letter From Caroline

A Letter From Caroline
Welcome to the world of Tillie! 
As I sit here and type these words, I can hardly believe it myself. I am launching a fashion brand!
Every project, every role I've taken on since launching my blog LCBSTYLE.COM and Instagram account @LCBSTYLE in 2014 has been with this dream in the back of my mind. 
My creative journey began with blogging and sharing the fashion designs I was sketching, sewing, and creating in my classes each week as a Fashion Design student my freshman year of college. As my college path took a non-traditional turn, I pursued blogging full time until 2019 when I made the move to Palm Beach, Florida where I launched my photography business, offering my creative story telling services to others. 
While the Lord has graciously and faithfully opened door after door for me over the past 10 years leading me along this creative career journey, there was one door I always hoped would open for things to come full circle- the door to design and create a fashion collection of my own to share with others. 
With a closet full of fabrics, sewing machines, spools of thread, and sketchbooks accumulated over the last 15 years… it's time! It's time to pursue the dream. The one I have been dreaming since I was a little girl. 
With the support of my husband who gave me the ultimate courage and confidence to make this dream a reality, I am so thrilled to see sketches become sewn and share the creative process with you.
While I have wildly imaginative dreams for this brand and visions of what it may become, my desire (and reality) is that we will be taking this step by step as we learn and grow together.
God has asked me to shine His light and to be His storyteller. And that is my number one goal through every step of this journey. I am only here because of Him and to Him be the glory. We create because He first created.
Join me and follow along - I will be sending a new email each Thursday leading up to our launch with new sneak peeks each week, as well as sharing glimpses behind the scenes over on IG @shoptillie. Thank you for being here, and I cannot wait to share more of our story with you!
With Love,
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